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The Digital Mathematics Library, its Actual State, and its Possible Future Developments
Talk given at the Workshop "The Future World Heritage Digital Mathematics Library: Plans and Prospects", June 1-3 at the National Academy of Sciences.

Our Mathematical Literature

...print on paper, partially retrodigitized......mostly electronic...
Georg Hermann Valentin (1848-1926):XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     200,000
Royal Society of London's Catalogue (RSC):XXXXXXXXX    48,116
Jahrbuch Fortschritte Math. (JFM):XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     200,000
Zentralblatt Math (Zbl):joint with JFM XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...XXX3,200,000
Math. Reviews (MR):XXXXXXXXXXXX...XXX2,800,000
Articles (Type of Articles):125,000150,0001,425,0001,500,000 3,200,000
Plus articles/books not included, (estimated) sum:
(e.g., 161,000 Dissertations in Math Genealogy (H. Coonce) [ lc ])
Pages: (~20 per article) 72,000,000
72,000,000 pages could be encoded (searchable!) within 1.2 Terabyte of disk storage - roughly the capacity of a notebook.
Hence all mathematics in my pocket: The new "Alexandrian Dream".

This shows the amount of math literature to be collected in order to create a "DML".
Some estimates are higher, on the other hand:
MathSciNet has links to more than 1.500.000 "original articles" -- these are probably "born digital" articles.
MathSciNet gained ca. 1,490,000 entries since 1995 ( = "overall electronic publishing border", compare: recent [lc] and old [lc] figures)

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