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The Digital Mathematics Library, its Actual State, and its Possible Future Developments
Talk given at the Workshop "The Future World Heritage Digital Mathematics Library: Plans and Prospects", June 1-3 at the National Academy of Sciences.

Retrodigitized Literature (mostly at free access)

Examples of books:
Author/Title:publ.djvupdfRepositorydigitized by
L. Euler: Algebra I180220M25MBielefeldC. Siebeneicher
L. Euler: Sphärische Trigonometrie18961M5MMichiganLibrary U Michigan
E. Hecke: Theorie algebraischer Zahlen192315M22MBielefeldU. Rehmann
A. Montmort: Essay d'Analyse sur les Jeux de Hazard171315M23MBielefeldL. Siebenmann

Overview of math digitization repositories extracted from [ local link ]
Contains links to 4464 digitized books (> 603428 pages )
and to 296 digitized journals/seminars (> 4303034 pages).

How about this:? (An Experiment.)

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To view the DjVu files, you will need a DjVu viewer. It is freely available from DjVuLibre (free software).

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