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The lectures and the videos

In January/February 2013 Mike Freedman gave a series of 12 lectures at UC Santa Barbara explaining his proof of the 4-dimensional Poincaré conjecture. The lectures were broadcast live to the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn as part of the Semester on 4-manifolds and their combinatorial invariants. Videos of the lectures are available here.

The notes and Team Freedman

In addition to the videos, I have been typing up some lecture notes. The first, incomplete (!) draft of these notes is currently being revised and completed by a group of people at the Max Planck Institute dubbed "Team Freedman" by Bob Edwards. Bob Edwards and Peter Teichner are volunteering as the official coaches of Team Freedman. I will post occasional updates and keep a change log here.

The Notes (most recent version)

Change log:

06/18/2013 Chapter 4 revised by Xiaoyi Cui and Nathan Sunukjian. Chapter 8 essentially (re)written by Wojciech Politarczyk and Mark Powell.
06/07/2013 Chapter 9 (Design & Endgame) complete modulo some pictures, written by Daniel Kasprowski and yours truly.
04/14/2013 Chapter 5 revised by Daniele Zuddas. Some more progress on chapter 9.
04/05/2013 Chapter 3 revised by Henrik RĂ¼ping. Parts of chapter 9 added (which is still incomplete).
02/14/2013 Original draft.
Last update: June 18, 2013