Workshop on
Search, Sorting and Coding

organized by R. Ahlswede, B. Balkenhol and C. Deppe

October 09 - 11, 2000

icon Schedule

Participants are (* means not yet confirmed):

      Rudolf Ahlswede (University of Bielefeld)
      Ingo Althöfer (University of Jena) - "A Simple Decision Support System for FREECELL"
      Harout Aydinian (University of Bielefeld)
      Suren Arzumanyan (University of Bielefeld)
      Vladimir Balakirsky (Eindhoven University of Technology) - "On the minimum number of questions in searching with 1 lie and delay in answers"
      Bernhard Balkenhol (University of Bielefeld)
      Lars Bäumer (University of Bielefeld)
      Ning Cai (University of Bielefeld)
      Ferdinando Cicalese (University of Salerno) - "Coping with delays and time-outs in binary search procedures"
      Christian Deppe (University of Bielefeld) - "Codes with Unequal Protection with Feedback"
      Stefan Felsner (Freie Universitaet Berlin) - "Inequalities for Linear Extensions and Balancing Pairs"
      G. O. H. Katona (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics) - "A survey of combinatorial search problems modelling sorting"
      Levon Khachatrian (University of Bielefeld)
      Christian Kleinewächter (University of Bielefeld)
      Gohar Kyureghyan (University of Bielefeld)
      Marina Kyureghyan (University of Bielefeld)
      Frank Recker (University of Tier) - "Parallel Searching in Trees"
      Ulrich Tamm (Bielefeld) - "Hankel Matrices in Coding Theory and Combinatorics"
      Ugo Vaccaro (University of Salerno) - "Least Adaptive Optimal Search with Unreliable Tests"
      Gabor Wiener (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics) - "Combinatorial Search and Communication Complexity"
      Rainer Wilmink (University of Bielefeld)
      Andreas Winter (University of Bielefeld)
      Victor A. Zinoviev (Russian Academy of Sciences) - "On coset weight distribution of codes"

Topics included searching with lies, sequential and non-sequential combinatorial search, correlation and sorting problems, general sorting problems, algebraic coding theory and coding with feedback.
Titles of talks (and a short abstract) should be sent by email or by conventional mail to

     Christian Deppe
     SFB 343, Fakultät für Mathematik
     Universität Bielefeld
     Postfach 100131
     33501 Bielefeld

     fon: +49-521-106-4790
     fax: +49-521-106-4743
     Email: cdeppe@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de

If you need hotel information, please contact me. Note that some of the hotels have reductions for guests of the university. To take advantage of these mention the workshop and the university when booking.
My recommendation is the Hotel Mercure (Niederwall 31-35, 33602 Bielefeld, fon: +49 521 5253 0, fax: +49 521 5253 444), which has university rates of DM 115,- for a single, and offers the best connections of public transport, besides being located downtown.

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