Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry @ Bielefeld
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The Bielefeld Arithmetic Geometry Seminar 2014 (summer term)

Welcome to the website of the 3rd edition of the Bielefeld arithmetic geometry seminar! Below you will find a list of the upcoming talks, hover with your mouse over abstract to see the abstract. The seminar is related to projects B5 and C7.
The seminar is supported by the SFB CRC 701: Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics.



April 30, 2014

16:00 X-E0-230 Tobias Schmidt (University of Muenster)
Arithmetic D-modules and locally analytic representations


May 14, 2014

16:00 X-E0-230 Grzegorz Banaszak (Adam Mickiewicz University)
The algebraic Sato-Tate group and Sato-Tate conjecture


May 28, 2014

16:00 X-E0-230 Nirinjan Ramachandran (University of Maryland)
The de Rham Witt complex and special values of zeta functions


July 2, 2014

16:00 X-E0-230 Ulrich Derenthal (University of Hannover)
Cox rings and rational points on cubic surfaces


July 9, 2014

16:00 X-E0-230 Giovanni Rosso
Trivial zero for the symmetric square of an elliptic curve over a totally real field


July 17, 2014

10:00 X-E0-214 Eike Lau (University of Paderborn)
Crystalline Dieudonne theory via generalised Dieudonne displays
11:00 X-E0-214 Andreas Langer (University of Exeter)
Grothendieck-Messing deformation theory for Hyperkaehler varieties