Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry @ Bielefeld
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The Bielefeld Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry Oberseminar, Winter Semester 2022-23

This semester, our Oberseminar will be about the Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces
[LV] Olivier Benoist, Construction de courbes sur les surfaces K3, Seminaire Bourbaki 2013-14.
and the references therein. We will follow the program available here. For more information, please contact Eike Lau.



16 November 2022

14:00 T2-220 Johannes Krah
Complex K3 surfaces
16:00 T2-213 Sarah Meier
The complex Kuga-Satake construction


7 December 2022

14:00 T2-220 Simon Paege
K3 Surfaces in Positive Characteristic
16:00 T2-213 Charles Vial
Kuga-Satake Construction and Period Maps; Rationality


25 January 2023

14:00 T2-220 Thomas Zink
Kuga-Satake Construction: Integral Models and Torelli Theorem
16:00 T2-213 Eike Lau
Proof of the Tate Conjecture