Seminar Representation Theory, SS 2020

Time and place: Wednesdays 10–12, all talks are given via Zoom

Organisers: Prof. Dr. William Crawley-Boevey, Prof. Dr. Henning Krause

The seminar covers different topics within the field of representation theory.

Schedule of Talks

  • 29 April: Zahra Toosi: Comparison of Spanier–Whitehead Categories and Singularity Categories
  • 06 May: Karin M. Jacobsen: Tilting, cluster-tilting and τ-tilting (following [IR14])[Slides]
  • 13 May: Jan-Paul Lerch : Bijections in τ-tilting theory: a selection (references [AIR14] and [AMV19])[Slides]
  • 20 May: Yuta Kimura: g-vectors of gentle algebras (reference [AY20])
  • 03 June: Sebastian Eckert: Parametrising modules over tubular canonical algebras (references [DMM14] and [Mel07])
  • 17 June: Henning Krause: Tilting preserves finite global dimension (jt. with B. Keller, reference [KK19])
  • 24 June: David Fernandez: The Fourier transform in representation theory (references [Hau06] and [Hau10])
  • 08 July: Bill Crawley-Boevey: Locally free representations of quivers over commutative Frobenius algebras (reference [HLR18])


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