BIREP Summer School on persistence modules – Registration

The BIREP Summer School on persistence modules is over, you can no longer register for it.

The deadline for applying for the conference is June 1st.
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Participants are asked to contribute by giving a talk, see the topics overview for more details. The talks with a star are optional. Please state three talks you are willing to give. Make sure to select at least one talk without a star you are willing to give.
If you have a question or want to suggest a topic that would fit well with the program, send us an email.

Participants will be accommodated in double rooms. If you have a preference, then please state which other participant you wish to share a room with (both participants should state that they intend to share a room with each other).
Room Sharing:

We are able to cover accommodation and meals for all participants. We have space for about 25 participants at this summer school. How would you benefit from it?

We are able cover travel costs for a small number of participants. We will prioritize people from universities and countries where travel funding is not readily available, developing countries in particular.
I would like to apply for funding towards my travel.

You can also submit further comments, dietary requests, etc.: