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Workshop "Representation Theory in Bielefeld – Past and Future"

Tuesday 24 September to Thursday 26 September 2019

The representation theory group at Bielefeld will celebrate in September 2019 the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Mathematics with a workshop. Right after the workshop the Faculty of Mathematics will host a two day conference (26–27 September).

From the very beginning in 1969, algebra and group theory were important areas of research at Bielefeld University. In 1978 Claus Michael Ringel moved to Bielefeld and created a research group working on representation theory of associative algebras. The recent activities in representation theory are supported through an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship (see the announcement and a journal article).

Location: Bielefeld University

Organisers: Bill Crawley-Boevey, Henning Krause

Funding: Limited support for participants is available. The meeting is supported by the the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in the framework of an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship endowed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Workshop Speakers

Invited speakers include:


If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact the organisers at birep.