Representation Theory and Triangulated Categories – Travel

Conference venue: Building C and O

We will start in the lecture hall C1. From the afternoon all talks are held in lecture room O1. The rooms are equipped with blackboards and a projector. Coffee breaks take place in Room O1.224. Registration will take place opposite the lecture hall C1.


It is possible to reach the University Campus from the city center by foot in roughly 30 minutes or alternatively by bus in about 15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased

  • on the bus (only cash)
  • at many busstations (including Hauptbahnhof=main station),
  • online at (creditcard payment).
The latter option is unfortunately somewhat complicated because it requires a lengthy registration, however it features a 20% discount one single one-way tickets. We recommend to buy either 4er Tickets (4 one-way rides, 8,80 e) or a 7 Tage Ticket (unlimited rides for 7 days, 20,80 e). A single one-way ride costs 2,70 e. The bus stations are indicated on the maps below.

There are three lines going to the University campus from Paderborn train station (Hauptbahnhof) through the city center: line 4, line 9 and line 68. Busses 4 and 9 are running every 15 minutes.

Bus stops close to the campus:

  • Bus stop Uni-Südring can be reached from downtown (Hauptbahnhof, Westerntor, Rathausplatz, Kamp) by line 4 (direction Dahl) and line 9 (direction Kaukenberg).
  • Bus stop Schöne Aussicht can be reached from downtown (Hauptbahnhof, Neuhäuser Tor, Detmolder Tor, Am Bogen) by line 68, direction Schöne Aussicht. It operates every 30 minutes.
Notice: The line UNI does not operate during the semester break.

Train station Paderborn University Paderborn