PD Dr. Antonios Manoussos
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Antonios Manoussos [Due to the spam problem: the e-mail address is amanouss following by @math.uni-bielefeld.de]
Faculty of Mathematics 
SFB 701    
University of Bielefeld +49 521 106 4983 (office)
P.O. Box 10 01 31
33501 Bielefeld
Office Office Hours
V3–239 Monday 16:00–17:00 h
Research & Publications Teaching
Research Interests An Introduction to Linear and Topological Dynamics
Publications Previous courses
A brief analysis of my publications Notes & Slides
Research Plan Seminars  
Curriculum Vitæ Miscellaneous
Curriculum vitæ (in English) Limit sets and asymptotic methods in Operator Theory, Topological Transformation Groups and Dynamical Systems, Habilitation Thesis, Department of Mathematics, University of Bielefeld (2010)
Curriculum vitæ (in Greek) Analysis of research articles  (in Greek)
A mathematical mistake in N. Bourbaki's "General Topology"
Of General Interest
Ancient Greek Literature (Bibliotheca Augustana in Augsburg Germany)
Constantine Cavafy
Odysseus Elytis
Alexandros Papadiamantis
Archives de l'Association des Collaborateurs de Nicolas Bourbaki

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