Ongoing Projects
  1. Book Chapter: Renormalisation for Inflation Tilings in Aperiodic Order Volume 3: Model Sets and Dynamical Systems
    (with Michael Baake and Uwe Grimm)
  2. Substitutions on Infinite Alphabets
    (with Dan Rust and Jamie Walton)
  3. Diffraction of Random Substitutions
    (with Philipp Gohlke and Dan Rust)
  4. Extended Symmetries of Substitution Subshifts
    (with Álvaro Bustos and Daniel Luz)
  5. Spectral Theory of Regular Sequences
    (with Michael Coons and James Evans )
  6. Arithmetic Progressions in Automatic Sequences
    (with Ibai Aedo, Uwe Grimm, Yasushi Nagai and Petra Staynova)
  7. Transcendence and Bounded Distance Equivalence for Substitutions
    (with Dirk Frettloeh and Alexey Garber)
  8. Spectrum of S-adic shifts
    (with Álvaro Bustos and Reem Yassawi)

Preprints and Publications
  1. Monochromatic Arithmetic Progressions in Automatic Sequences with Group Structure (2023)
    I. Aedo, U. Grimm, N. Mañibo, Y. Nagai, P. Staynova
  2. Catalan Numbers as Discrepancies for a Family of Substitutions on Infinite Alphabets (2022)
    D. Frettlöh, A. Garber, N. Mañibo
  3. Torsion-free S-adic Shifts and their Spectrum (2022)
    Á. Bustos, N. Mañibo, R. Yassawi
  4. Substitution Tilings with Transcendental Inflation Factor (2022)
    D. Frettlöh, A. Garber, N. Mañibo
  5. Substitutions on Compact Alphabets (2022)
    N. Mañibo, D. Rust, J.J. Walton
  6. Spectral Properties of Substitutions on Compact Alphabets (2021)
    N. Mañibo, D. Rust, J.J. Walton

  1. Zaremba, Salem, and the fractal nature of ghost distributions
    M. Coons, J. Evans, Z. Groth, N. Mañibo
    Bull. Austral. Math. Soc. 2022
    arXiv DOI
  2. Spectral Theory of Spin Substitutions
    N.P. Frank, N. Mañibo
    Discrete Contin. Dynam. Syst. (42) 2022 5399-5435
    arXiv DOI
  3. Mixing Properties and Entropy Bounds of a Family of Pisot Random Substitutions
    G.B. Escolano, N. Mañibo, E. Miro
    Indag. Math. (33) 2022 965-991
    arXiv DOI
  4. Admissible Reversing and Extended Symmetries for Bijective Substitutions
    Á. Bustos, D. Luz, N. Mañibo
    Discrete Comput. Geom., 2022
    arXiv DOI
  5. Spectral Theory of Regular Sequences
    M. Coons, J. Evans, N. Mañibo
    Doc. Math. (27) 629-653, 2022
    arXiv DOI
  6. Zeckendorf Representations and Mixing Properties of Sequences
    N. Mañibo, E. Miro, D. Rust, G. Tadeo
    Tsukuba. J. Math. (44) 251-269, 2020
    arXiv DOI
  7. Binary Constant-Length Substitutions and Mahler Measures of Borwein Polynomials
    M. Baake, M. Coons, N. Mañibo
    in From Analysis to Visualization, Bailey D. (eds.), JBCC 2017, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics (313) 2020, pp.303-322
    arXiv DOI
  8. Renormalisation of Pair Correlation Measures for Primitive Inflation Rules
    and Absence of Absolutely Continuous Diffraction

    M. Baake, F. Gähler, N. Mañibo
    Commun. Math. Phys. (370) 591-635, 2019
    arXiv DOI
  9. Spectral Analysis of a Family of Binary Inflation Rules
    M. Baake, U. Grimm, N. Mañibo
    Lett. Math. Phys.(108) 1783-1805, 2018
    arXiv DOI
  10. Lyapunov Exponents for Binary Substitutions of Constant Length
    N. Mañibo
    J. Math. Phys.(58) 113504, 2017
    arXiv DOI

Conference Proceedings
  1. The Mathematics of Absolutely Continuous Diffraction
    N. Mañibo
    Acta Cryst. (A77) C306, 2021
    25th Congress of the IUCr
  2. Renormalisation for inflation tilings II: Connections to number theory
    N. Mañibo
    MATRIX Annals (2019)
    Aperiodic Order Meets Number Theory
  3. Spectral Analysis of Primitive Inflation Rules
    N. Mañibo
    Oberwolfach Reports (14) 2830-2832, 2017
    MFO 1740
  4. Poisson and Hopf Structures via Star Product and Convolution
    C.N. Mañibo and J. Nable
    Proceedings of the Physics Society of the Philippines (32) SPP2014-3B-01, 2014
    SPP 32 Preprint SPP 32 Website

Lecture Notes
Lecture series on Lyapunov Exponents: What are Lyapunov Exponents, and why are they interesting?
(with David Damanik)
LE-Lecture notes

PhD Thesis
Lyapunov Exponents in the Spectral Theory of Primitive Inflation Systems (2019)
PhD Thesis

Awards and Grants
DAAD Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (PRIME) Grant 2020-2021
for an 18-month fellowship at the Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) and Universität Bielefeld

Dissertationspreis for the Best PhD Thesis in the Faculty of Mathematics in 2019
Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld (UGBI), January 2020, Universität Bielefeld

First Prize, Award for Outstanding Graduate Research for the Masters' thesis entitled:
Geometric Structures arising from Representations of Finite Groups: Quantization of L2(G), 2015
School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines

Curriculum Vitae
CV (updated 22 Dec 2022)

Conferences and Seminars

Research Visits
  • Vassar College
    Poughkeepsie, NY, USA, September 2022

  • University of Newcastle
    NSW, Australia, March 2019

  • The Open University
    Milton Keynes, UK, August 2018

  • The Open University
    Milton Keynes, UK, September 2017

  • Universität Bielefeld
    Bielefeld, Germany, July-August 2015