Amidst the strange vicissitudes of life,'Tis likely, most unlikely things should happen.*

Sixth Workshop on
Random Dynamical Systems


From the station to the Arcadia Hotel

Arcadia Hotel Bielefeld
(former Tulip Inn, former Mercure Niederwall)

Niederwall 31–35
33602 Bielefeld
phone: +49 521 5253 0

From the train station, you can reach the hotel by the following means:

From the Arcadia Hotel to the University

To go to the university from the hotel, take Line 4 in front of the hotel and go to the stop Universität. The tram ride takes about ten minutes, with trams running at least every ten minutes (with the exception of weekends and public holidays). You can find more information on public transportation and tickets here.

To Zwanzig Dreizehn

The joint dinner on Friday evening will take place at

Zwanzig Dreizehn
Klosterplatz 13
33602 Bielefeld
phone: +49 521 453 642 44

Zwanzig Dreizehn can be reached from the Arcadia Hotel by a short walk through the pedestrian zone: Exit the hotel, cross the tracks of the tramway and walk down Rathausstraße. When you reach Alter Markt, continue straight into Obernstraße. Turn right into Klasingstraße and continue until you reach the restaurant. (local map)