Meeting on Geometry and Supersymmetry

University of Bielefeld,
Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th May, 2008
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Invited Speakers
  •  Vicente Cortés (Hamburg), "Special geometry of Euclidian supersymmetry" 
  •  José Figueroa-O'Farrill (Edinburgh), "Killing superalgebras in supergravity" 
  •  Ulf Lindström (Uppsala), "Complex Geometry from Sigma models"
  •  Victor Pidstrygach (Göttingen), "Generalized Seiberg-Witten equations"


Thursday Friday Saturday

Lindström II
10:00 Figueroa-O'Farrill II
11:00 Figueroa-O'Farrill I
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00 Pidstrygach I
Pidstrygach II


Tea/Coffe Tea/Coffe
16:00 Bauer Lindström I
17:00 Etesi


"Short talks"
S.Bauer. "Monopoles over a torus"
G.Etesi. "Report on moduli spaces of anti-self-dual connections over the multi-Taub--NUT space"

All lectures take place in Common Room (V3-201).


Invited speakers will be accomodated at the Hotel "Mövenpick" (right in front of the railway station).

How to get

Bielefeld itself has no airport. The closest airports are Paderborn, Münster-Osnabrück and Dortmund. However, these airports are quite small and serve just few directions. Somewhat bigger airports are Hannover and Düsseldorf, which have very good train connection to Bielefeld. Consult the webpage of Deutsche Bahn for train timetables. You may wish to consult the site for cheap flights (it is in German, but the search form you need is straightforward).

To reach the university from the train station (as well as from the center of the city), take the subway Nr.4 in the direction "Löhmannshof" to the "Universität" station. Buy a ticket "Preisstufe I BI" for any trip within Bielefeld (current price is 2 Eur). You can also buy a somewhat cheaper ticket valid for 4 trips (current price is 6,40 Eur).

Some useful information (e.g. plan of the university main building) is available here.

How to find the lecture room

Once you get to the huge university hall on the ground floor from the tram station, turn on your right and proceed to the restaurant "Univarza". Right after the restaurant turn on your left. Then go up to the third floor. Common Room (V3-201) is the first room in the corridor on your right.


There is no formal registration, but please send an e-mail (see Contact below) if you wish to attend.

Financial Support

The meeting is supported by the University of Bielefeld and  CRC "Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics".


The meeting is organized by Andriy Haydys. Should you have any questions, contact me via e-mail (