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Noncommutative Algebra

Lectures in Winter Semester 2016/17
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. William Crawley-Boevey
Exercises: Andrew Hubery and Raphael Bennett-Tennenhaus

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Contents and Literature

My aim is to cover projective and injective modules, Morita equivalence, homological algebra, Hochschild cohomology (edit: didn't get to this), and some important examples of algebras, such as free algebras and path algebras, Weyl algebras, preprojective algebras, etc.

Final version of lecture notes now available. Section 2.6 replaces the material given in the lecture. [Here are some corrections sent by Darij Grinberg.]


Available from the webpage of Andrew Hubery.


Oral examination at the end of the semester, by arrangement with the lecturer. Suggested date 5 April 2017.


This course is part of a masters' sequence. See here for more information.

The content of the course is provisional, and may change, depending on the audience, and the amount of material I feel I can cover.