Arithmetic Geometry @ Bielefeld
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The Bielefeld Arithmetic Geometry Seminar 2016-2017

Welcome to the website of the Bielefeld Arithmetic Geometry Seminar! The seminar is supported by the SFB CRC 701: Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics, and related to the projects B5 and C7. For more information, please contact the organizers: Jeanine Van Order and Charles Vial.



2 November, 2016

15:15 U2-135 Ulrike Riess (Bonn)
On Beauville’s conjectural weak splitting property
16:30 U2-135 Robert Pollack (MPIM-Bonn)
On mu-invariants and congruences with Eisenstein series


30 November, 2016

15:15 C01-226 Yichao Tian (Bonn)
On the super-singular locus of Hilbert modular varieties and arithmetic applications
16:30 C01-226 Anna Medvedovsky (MPIM-Bonn)
The Nilpotence Growth Theorem, and applications to dimensions of mod-p Hecke algebras


25 January, 2017

15:15 T2-214 Tian An Wong (MPIM-Bonn)
Beyond endoscopy and refinements of the stable trace formula


26 April, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Ana Maria Brecan (Bayreuth)
Cycle transversal flag domains of Hodge type


10 May, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Mikhail Borovoi (Tel Aviv)
Cayley Groups
16:30 V3-204 Hsueh-Yung Lin (Bonn)
Constant cycle subvarieties and zero-cycles in some hyper-Kähler varieties


24 May, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Abhishek Saha (Bristol)
Integral representation and critical L-values for the standard L-function of a Siegel modular form
16:30 V3-204 Yonghwa Cho (Bayreuth)
Ulrich bundles on prime Fano threefolds of index 2 and degree 4


7 June, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Mingmin Shen (Amsterdam)
Hyperkähler geometry and the rationality problem of cubic fourfolds
16:30 V3-204 Charles Vial (Bielefeld)
Distinguished models of intermediate Jacobians


14 June, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Martin Raum (Gothenburg)
The skew Maass lift
17:15 -- COLLOQUIUM H6 Raghuram (IISER-Pune)


21 June, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Farrell Brumley (Paris 13)
Counting cusp forms by analytic conductor


28 June, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Guiseppe Ancona (Strasbourg)
Standard conjectures for abelian fourfolds
16:30 V3-204 Bjorn Poonen (MIT)
Bertini irreducibility theorems over finite fields


5 July, 2017

15:15 V3-204 Robert Laterveer (Strasbourg)
Algebraic cycles on hyperkaehler varieties with automorphism.


12 July, 2017

14:00 V3-204 Michael Rapoport (Bonn)
On the tame coverings of the Drinfeld upper half plane
15:15 V3-204 Andreas Langer (Exeter)
Higher Displays arising from filtered de Rham-Witt complexes
16:30 V3-204 Eike Lau (Paderborn)
Display crystals for p-divisible groups