Computer Algebra in Representation Theory of Algebras


Friday, 05 November to Saturday, 06 November 2010

The intention of this informal workshop is to discuss perspectives for the use and development of computer algebra methods and techniques in representation theory of algebras.

Dates: Friday, 05 November to Saturday, 06 November 2010. The workshop begins on Friday morning and ends on Saturday at noon.

Location: Bielefeld University

Organisation: The workshop is organised by the CRC 701 "Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics" (SFB) and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). If you would like to attend the workshop, or have further questions, please contact Henning Krause at hkrause[at]


Friday, 5 November 2010

09:00-09:30Get together
09:30-10:30Edward Green
11:00-12:30Trondheim group
14:00-15:30Hoge, Linke, Studzinski

Saturday, 6 November 2010

10:30-11:30David Green
11:30-12:30Quo vadis? (input from Guhe, Mueller)

All talks are in room V3-201; discussions are in room V5-225.

Participants and their topics:

For abstracts see the Abstracts page.

  • Andre Beineke (Bielefeld)
  • David Green (Jena)
    Computing cohomology rings of finite groups (joint work with Simon King and Graham Ellis)
  • Edward Green (Blacksburg)
    Applications of computer algebra in representation theory
  • Dietmar Guhe (Gütersloh)
  • Lutz Hille (Münster)
    Tilting Modules and Dense Orbits, Computational Aspects
  • Torsten Hoge (Bochum)
    Computation of the ring of invariants of triples of 3x3 matrices
  • Henning Krause (Bielefeld)
  • Helmut Lenzing (Paderborn)
    Remarks on the K-theory of triangulated categories
  • Phillip Linke (Bielefeld)
    Computations in generic representation theory
  • Jürgen Müller (Essen)
  • Andreas Oppebøen (Trondheim)
    Interface to GAP
  • Markus Perling (Bochum)
    Algorithms for finding exceptional sequences on toric varieties
  • Johannes Schneider (Münster)
  • Øystein Skartsæterhagen (Trondheim)
    Algorithms for representing a tensor product of two finite dimensional qoutients of path algebras as a quiver with relations
  • Øyvind Solberg (Trondheim)
  • Jan Stovicek (Bielefeld)
  • Grischa Studzinski (Aachen)
    Computations over the free associative algebra
  • Dieter Vossieck (Bielefeld)