Workshop "Non-crossing partitions in representation theory" – Programme

Thursday, 12 June

All talks will be given in lecture hall H15, coffee breaks take place in room V3-201.

10:0010:50Lecture Hall H15Tom Brady (Dublin)
Milnor fibres and non-crossing partitions [slides]
Room V3-201Coffee break
11:3012:20Lecture Hall H15Thomas Gobet (Amiens)
Noncrossing partitions and Bruhat order [slides]
12:3013:00Lecture Hall H15Drew Armstrong (Coral Gables, Florida)
Noncrossing Parking Functions [slides]
Lunch break
14:3015:20Lecture Hall H15Dmitri Panyushev (Moscow)
On orbits of antichains associated with weight multiplicity free representations
15:3016:20Lecture Hall H15Jean Michel (Paris)
Hurwitz action on presentations of exceptional reflections groups [slides]
Room V3-201Coffee break
17:1518:15Lecture Hall H15Colloquium of the Faculty of Mathematics
Gus Lehrer (Sydney)
The second fundamental theorem of invariant theory – old, new and super
19:00Dinner at restaurant Brauhaus (web site and map in German)

Friday, 13 June

All talks will be given in room V2-210/216, coffee breaks take place in room V3-201.

10:0010:50Room V2-210/216Christian Krattenthaler (Vienna)
Positive m-divisible non-crossing partitions and their cyclic sieving [slides]
Room V3-201Coffee break
11:3012:20Room V2-210/216Nathan Reading (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Noncrossing diagrams and canonical join representations
Lunch break
14:3015:20Room V2-210/216Roland Speicher (Saarbrücken)
Non-crossing partitions, free probability, and quantum symmetries
15:3016:20Room V2-210/216Patrick Dehornoy (Caen)
Non-crossing partitions and the dual Garside structure of braids [slides]
Room V3-201Coffee break
17:0017:50Room V2-210/216David Bessis (Paris)
Non-crossing partitions and reflection discriminants [slides]
19:00Conference Dinner

Saturday, 14 June

All talks will be given in room V2-210/216, coffee breaks take place in room V3-201.

9:009:50Room V2-210/216Claus Michael Ringel (Bielefeld)
Crossing and nesting
10:0010:50Room V2-210/216Matthew Dyer (Notre Dame, Indiana)
Groupoids with weak orders [slides]
Room V3-201Coffee break
11:3012:20Room V2-210/216Frédéric Chapoton (Lyon)
Unordered exceptional sequences and Tamari lattices
Lunch break
14:3015:20Room V2-210/216Raquel Coelho Simões (Lisbon)
Hom-configurations in negative Calabi-Yau triangulated categories
15:3016:20Room V2-210/216Hugh Thomas (Fredericton)
Aisles in derived categories of finite type hereditary algebras
16:2017:00Room V3-201Coffee

Abstracts for the talks are available on a separate page.