Workshop "Polynomial Functors and Schur Algebras"

Thursday, 07 November to Saturday, 09 November 2013

Issai Schur (Photo: MFO)

Polynomial functors and Schur algebras have their origin in Schur's seminal work, starting with his thesis from 1901. Since then, these concepts have become increasingly relevant in various parts of mathematics, most prominently in representation theory and algebraic topology. The goals of this workshop are to provide an introduction, report on recent developments and encourage dialogue among experts from different areas of mathematics who study polynomial functors and Schur algebras.

Location: Bielefeld University, all lectures will be held in room V2-210/216

Schedule: Talks start Thursday 10am and finish Saturday around 1pm.

Organisers: Andrew Hubery, Henning Krause

Support: DFG CRC 701 "Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics", DFG SPP 1388 "Representation Theory"

If you would like to attend the workshop, or have further questions, please contact one of the organisers. We expect to receive funding to support financially participants from the networks SPP 1388 (Germany), GDRI 571 (France), and Repnet (UK). Participants arrange their own accommodation (see here for options); please contact the secretary Frau Zelmer if you need help.

Conference speakers

Conference Participants

Picture of pariticipants of the workshop 'Polynomial functors and Schur algebras'

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All lectures were held in room V2-210/216.
Abstracts for the talks are available on a separate page.

Thursday, 7 November

10:0011:00Karin Erdmann (Oxford)
Representation theory of classical Schur algebras
Coffee break
11:3012:30Aurélien Djament (Nantes)
Polynomial functors (I): classical notions and uses
Lunch break
14:1515:15Anne Henke (Oxford)
Symmetric powers, Brauer algebras and Schur algebras
15:3016:30Antoine Touzé (Paris)
Strict polynomial functors in homological algebra computations
Coffee break
17:1518:15Colloquium: Catharina Stroppel (Bonn)
From classical Schur-Weyl duality to quantized skew Howe dualities

Friday, 8 November

10:0011:00Karin Erdmann (Oxford)
Generalizing Schur algebras
Coffee break
11:3012:30Andrew Mathas (Sydney)
Graded Schur algebras and decomposition numbers
Lunch break
14:1515:15Catharina Stroppel (Bonn)
Graded decomposition numbers of cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
15:3016:30Alexander Zimmermann (Amiens)
Polynomial functors of prime degree
Coffee break
17:0018:00Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze (Kristiansand)
Issai Schur and his algebraic school in Berlin: known and unknown historical documents, with emphasis on persecution in the Third Reich (slides are available)
19:00Dinner at restaurant Brauhaus (web pages in German)

Saturday, 9 November

9:0010:00Aurélien Djament (Nantes)
Polynomial functors (II): some recent developments around the global structure
10:1511:15Phillip Linke (Bielefeld)
The category F(q) in generic representation theory is coherent
Coffee break
11:4512:45Marcin Chałupnik (Warsaw)
Homological structures on the category of strict polynomial functors (slides are available)

The subject

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