Slides of some of the Talks

Dave Benson: Cohomology of groups: a crossroads in mathematics
Carles Broto: Fusion systems and self equivalences of p-completed classifying spaces of finite groups of Lie type
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace: Rank one groups and trees
Ellen Henke: Classification theorems for fusion systems
Marcel Herzog: A new solvability criterion for finite groups
Radha Kessar: On Brauer's height zero comjecture
Olga Kharlampovich: Definable subsets in a free group
Gunter Malle: From Weil conjectures to Beauville surfaces via finite simple groups
Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld: Groups of local characteristic p
Ian Leary: Platonic polygonal complexes
Andrei S. Rapinchuk: Weakly commensurable groups, with applications to differential geometry
Gernot Stroth: 2E6(2) and the Baby Monster – a match made in heaven
Franz G. Timmesfeld: Parapolar spaces and large sporadic groups
Richard M. Weiss: 3-Transpositions and Moufang Quadrangles
Robert A. Wilson: Simple groups of Lie type without Lie theory

last modified on 18 April 2012