Talks of the participants

Lars Müller (Regensburg)
Linearization and local existence of solutions for the volume preserving mean curvature flow with line tension (Abstract), (Slides)

Siegfried Maier (Darmstadt)
Parabolic equations on domains of wedge type (Abstract), (Slides)

Diana Stan (Madrid)
Asymptotic behavior of the degenerate doubly nonlinear equation on bounded domains (Abstract), (Slides)

Sebastian Schwarzacher (München)
Discrete maximal principle for non-linear systems (Abstract), (Slides)

Rafał Celiński (Wrocław)
Anomalous behaviour of solutions to aggregation equation in bounded and unbounded domain (Abstract), (Slides)

Lorenz v. Below (Darmstadt)
The spin-coating process with convective heat transfer (Abstract), (Slides)

Michael Wenzel (Hannover)
Stabilization of periodic stokesian hele-shaw flows of ferrofluids (Abstract), (Slides)

André Fischer (Darmstadt)
Mathematical analysis of ionic solutions (Abstract), (Slides)

Posters of the participants

María Anguiano (Seville)
Existence of Pullback Attractors for non-autonomous reaction-diffusion equations with dynamical boundary conditions (Abstract)

Nasrin Arab (Regensburg)
Nonlinear stability of stationary solution for Surface Diffusion with triple junction (Abstract), (Poster)

Marcus Page (Wien)
Convergent geometric integrator for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with magnetostriction (Abstract)

Tetiana Stulova (Kharkov)
On entire solutions of some inhomogeneous linear differential-difference equations in a banach space (Poster)

Francisco J. Suárez-Grau (Sevilla)
Homogenization of elliptic partial differential systems in non-periodic rough domains (Abstract)

Elena Sviridova (Voronezh)
Asymptotics of solution of crack problem for partial differential equation with variable coefficient

Margarita A. Tokareva (Barnaul)
The problem of fluid motion in a deformable porous medium (Poster)